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The Script Toolbox is a set of scripts and utilities released on the Unity Asset Store and this website. There are two main parts: the Base package (free) and the Premium package.



This package provides a foundation from which to build a solid game. Includes general-purpose scripts such as a State Machine framework, Messaging system, and Singleton implementations, complete with demonstrations of how they work and how to use them.

The Base package will work on its own but only contains a limited number of scripts, and is covered by a different license than the Premium package.

It may be downloaded here: Free Scripts

It provides the following features:

  • Enhanced Sidescroller Character Controller
  • Simple Radar display
  • Event posting system
  • Finite State Machine
  • Singleton (global object)


The Premium package contains most of the rest of the toolbox scripts.

It provides the following features:

  • Camera script for 2d games
  • Cutscene Framework - Easily create scripted encounters!
  • Editor extension to save unique materials for many textures at a time
  • GUI scripting - manipulate objects easily, in a familiar way
  • GUI integration with State Machines
  • Mobile scripts to ease development on multiple platforms
  • Many simple utility scripts, from Animations to Transforms, level loading to spawning prefabs, even XML file reading and writing


This is a small set of scripts that depends upon both the Base and Premium packages.

It may be downloaded from here: Integration Scripts.

It contains two scripts that serve the following purpose:


All Scripts
Free Scripts
Premium Scripts
Integration Scripts
Cutscene Framework
State Machine Frameworks
GUI Scripts
Character and Camera Control Scripts
Mobile Utilities
Other Scripts & Utilities
Demo Scenes

Javascript Integration

The toolbox is written in C#, but it can be used with Javascript if desired. Simply move the scripts into a folder called Plugins. This will tell Unity to compile them first, after which they will be available to be used in the Javascript in your project.

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