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This is a set of scripts that work together to allow the programmer to easily setup and maintain a finite state machine for any purpose, with an integrated system for displaying different things (activating GameObjects) based upon the current state.

Finite State Machine Framework

Many games use Finite State Machines to control the flow of the game. This particular framework is based upon work from the Unity Wiki, but has been modified in such a way to allow the base functionality to be re-used over and over again. This part of the Toolbox is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

This page explains all of the details of the FSM framework, and how to use it in your own game:

Display State Framework

The display state framework allows you to easily change what is displayed on the screen depending upon a certain State, which is really just a string identifier.

Download the Integration package to get the DisplayState, which is built to work with the Finite State Machine framework to allow the game designer to easily manage what is displayed on each state of the State Machine.

For more information, read these pages:

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