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Compound Cutscene Editor Interface

The CompoundCutscene contains a list of all cutscenes it controls. These may be processed sequentially or in parallel. Either way, the CompoundCutscene will only report that is is complete when all Cutscenes in its list have completed. CompoundCutscenes may contain other CompoundCutscenes in their list; using this, you may create sophisticated scenes fairly quickly.

The editor for the Compound Cutscene shows all of the cutscenes in the list, along with buttons to modify the position of the cutscenes within the list. There is a button to easily create new cutscenes, and delete existing cutscenes, and a button to update the cutscene list if you manually delete a Cutscene GameObject without using the button in the CompoundCutscene editor.


Public Variables

Out of the box, only the howToProcess variable is available. However, if you're using the Base Script Toolbox as well, you can go into this file and uncomment this #define at the top of the file, which will allow you to set the messages to be sent:


howToProcess : ProcessingMethod

This tells the class how to process the list of cutscenes. The possible values are: SEQUENTIAL, PARALLEL.

onStartMessage : string

This message is sent when the compound cutscene starts.

onStepMessage : string

This message is sent each time the compound cutscene is using SEQUENTIAL mode, and a new child cutscene is started.

onFinishedMessage : string

This message is sent when the compound cutscene finishes.


This class is demonstrated in the Cutscene Framework Demo.

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