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Introducing a new, unique strategy puzzle game.

Bloxster is a completely original board game available now on the App StoreSM. It is compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. The rules are easy to learn but take time to master. The game starts in a chess board configuration, and each player takes turns pressing blox to change them, attempting to take over the entire board. Click here to learn how to play, or play online for FREE!


  • Simple: Ready to pick up and play!
  • Rules are easy to understand, even for kids.
  • Challenging strategy enhances replay value
  • 3 board sizes: 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6
  • Each round is quick and fun
  • 4 playable block colors
  • Computer opponents test all skill levels
  • One or two players on the same device - Challenge your friends!

For more details about Bloxster, including strategy tips, visit the Headbone Wiki.

Learn more about the creation of Bloxster from this article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Click Here

How to get it

Bloxster is available on this website for free for desktop computers. Want to play Bloxster on your mobile device? Choose a link below for your device type!